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Tandem-Axle Header Trailer

The SpeedPro Tandem-Axle Header Trailer has a higher weight rating than the single-axle trailer. Built to haul large equipment anywhere it needs to go, expect the same excellent workmanship found in other Legacy trailers. Parts are selected for superior quality, leaving you with fewer breakdowns to handle.


Model # Weight Rating Grain and Draper Platforms Cornheads
SpeedPro T-32 21,000 lbs. 30′ or smaller 12-row or smaller
SpeedPro T-38 21,000 lbs. 35′ or smaller 12-row or smaller
SpeedPro T-42 21,000 lbs. 40′ or smaller 16-row or smaller
SpeedPro T-48 21,000 lbs. 45′ or smaller 16-row or smaller

My Legacy Speed Pro is by far the best header wagon I have ever purchased. It turns on a dime, easily backs where it I want it, (great in small fields), and trails as straight as an arrow (no fishtailing like my last header wagon). I pull it down the road at 60 mph with no worries. It is very heavy-built and will last a lifetime. I can set the head on it, strap it down and know it will stay in place. It looks great too, definitely a head turner when you are going down the road. I have found that with Legacy, the service does not stop after the sale. When I had a small problem, it was addressed and fixed ASAP. I was very impressed with that.
-I know my Speed Pro will help me leave a legacy I can be proud of.


Fenders on rear axles
Spare Tire