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Single-Trough Feeder Wagons

Our traditional Single-Trough Feeder Wagons are built with up-front affordability in mind, and with the same quality materials and parts as our Double-Trough wagons.


Model #Feed OpeningsHubs and SpindlesTires
S-12 – Single Trough224000 lb11L15 8-Ply
S-16 – Single Trough284000 lb11L15 8-Ply
S-20 – Single Trough344000 lb11L15 8-Ply
S-24 – Single Trough404000 lb11L15 8-Ply
S-28 – Single Trough466000 lb11L15 12-Ply
S-32 – Single Trough526000 lb11L15 12-Ply
I have found that with Legacy, the service does not stop after the sale. When I had a small problem, it was addressed and fixed ASAP. I was very impressed with that.


Available with skids
Heavy Spindles and Tires
Custom-Built to Your Specs

Features and Specs

Constructed with 1″ SCH 40 Pipe
7-Gauge Round Bottom
Double 3x3x3/16″ Square Axle
Width: 69″