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Single-Axle Header Trailer

The SpeedPro Single-Axle Header Trailer is built to haul small headers to a neighboring farm or any long distance. Made with exceptional quality and parts, this trailer is the perfect choice for any busy farmer.


Model #Weight RatingGrain and Draper PlatformsCornheads
SpeedPro S-227,000 lbs.20′ or smaller8-row or smaller
SpeedPro S-2810,000 lbs.25′ or smaller8-row or smaller
SpeedPro S-3214,000 lbs.30′ or smaller12-row or smaller
SpeedPro S-3814,000 lbs.35′ or smaller12-row or smaller

The Legacy Header Trailers are absolutely fantastic; the strongest made trailers we have seen on the market. With bigger tires, you can pull your trailer at faster speeds and have fewer blowouts, giving you a peace of mind. The LED lights in the trailer are perfect, and the brakes work well. Because of the excellent workmanship, we expect a long life from both of the Legacy trailers we purchased this year.
Keep up the good work, Legacy Trailers.
-Matthew of Hicks Farms


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