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Double-Trough Feeder Wagons

Our Double-Trough Feeder Wagons are designed to minimize hay waste and lower the cost of feeding your cattle. ShurFeed Bale Feeder Wagons are built using quality materials and unparalleled workmanship, creating the feeder of choice for the busy farmer.


Model #Feed OpeningsHubs and SpindlesTires
D-12 – Double Trough254000 lb11L15 8-Ply
D-16 – Double Trough314000 lb11L15 8-Ply
D-20 – Double Trough374000 lb11L15 8-Ply
D-24 – Double Trough426000 lb11L15 12-Ply
Legacy products are built with commitment to strength and durability, while quality of design and appearance are met with affordable pricing.
-David of Pepper Farms


Available with Skids
Heavy Spindles and Tires
Custom-Built to Your Specs

Features and Specs

Constructed with 1″ SCH 40 Pipe
7-Gauge Round Bottom
Double 3x3x3/16″ Square Axle
Width: 84″