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Header Wagons and Trailers

We know that when you face the pressures of the harvest season, you need high-quality equipment to make every move count. Legacy’s header wagons and trailers give you one less thing to worry about by providing reliable header transportation.

A Legacy FieldPro Header Wagon  is the perfect fit if you are looking for a high-quality, well-built ride for your header. This wagon can easily transport your headers from the farm to the field. Our FieldPro models are built to carry grain headers from 20ft up to 40ft wide. It easily carries corn headers sized from 8-rows to 16-rows. Our header wagons have a carrying capacity of 12,000 lb for the smaller header wagons models and up to 16,000 lb for the larger size.

Our single axle SpeedPro header trailers are built for transporting harvester headers over longer distances. SpeedPro single axle header trailers can transport smaller grain or corn headers. This trailer works well for headers ranging from 20ft wide and up to 35ft wide. Depending on the header trailer model, weight ratings are from 7000lb up to 14,000lb. Consider purchasing the single axle header trailer if you are looking to haul a smaller grain or corn header.

With a weight rating of  21,000lbs, the SpeedPro tandem axle header trailers are built to haul heavier grain and corn headers. We have various models of tandem axle header trailers that can handle grain headers 45ft wide or smaller, and 16-row corn headers or smaller. Consider purchasing the tandem axle trailer if you need to transport a large header. 

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible during your busy harvest season. To achieve this, all our header wagons and trailers are built right here in the USA and combine excellent workmanship with superior quality parts ensuring a reliable hauling experience.


Model #Weight RatingGrain and Draper PlatformsCornheads
FieldPro 2212,000 lbs.20′ or smaller8-row or smaller
FieldPro 2812,000 lbs.25′ or smaller8-row or smaller
FieldPro 3212,000 lbs.30′ or smaller12-row or smaller
FieldPro 32HD16,000 lbs.30′ or smaller12-row or smaller
FieldPro 3816,000 lbs.35′ or smaller12-row or smaller
FieldPro 4216,000 lbs.40′ or smaller16-row or smaller

“Great looking header wagon. Definitely a head turner.”

– Anonymous


9.5L-15 or 11L-15 tires