Leave a Legacy,

Not a Letdown.

As farmers, we hate equipment breakdowns. We have many important tasks to complete. Fixing broken down trailers and wagons is not one of them. Legacy manufactures high quality hay wagons, hay trailers, hay feeders and header trailers, allowing you to spend more time creating a legacy and less time fixing your equipment.

Hay trailer by Legacy MFG

Breakdown-Resistant Hay Equipment

Farmers Depend on the Strength and Quality of Legacy

Bale Wagons

Transport bales from field to farm with ease.

Inline Bale Trailers

Reliable and durable trailers for over-the-road hay bale hauling.

Single-Trough Feeder Wagons

Affordable and durable feeder solutions.

Double-Trough Feeder Wagons

Minimize hay waste with high quality feeder wagons.

Round Bale Feeder

Heavy duty feeder for maximum hay savings.

Header Wagons and Trailers

Transport from field to farm with ease.

Legacy products are built with commitment to strength and durability, while quality of design and appearance are met with affordable pricing.
-David of Pepper Farms

A Legacy Created By You.

At Legacy Manufacturing, we ask farmers to tell us their frustrations with their farm equipment. Your sad stories of broken axles and trailer front ends and cheap tires help us design industrial-strength farm equipment that doesn’t let you down.

As specialists in hay equipment, we manufacture a variety of durable, reliable hay trailers, wagons, and feeders. Each piece of equipment is created from high quality parts and manufactured by skilled craftsmen. Guaranteed to give you years of faithful service, our sturdy equipment will keep you rolling for generations.

We know you have better ways to spend your time than fixing equipment. Therefore, your equipment is built in the USA, employing high quality control standards to ensure the best product possible. We use only genuine #1 steel and high quality parts, such as Bulldog Couplers, Lippert Axles, Schaeffer’s Grease and Hentzent Coatings. Each piece of equipment is finished with a 2-part urethane primer as well as a 2-part urethane top coat to maintain its aesthetic appeal and protect it from the elements.

Legacy Manufacturing is a family-owned business serving hardworking farmers around the country from our manufacturing plant in Irvington, Kentucky.

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